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Interactions Of The Third Kind

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We welcome all passionate teams and individuals who have been exploring the value of AI with UX at the center across any domain. You could be a designer, a developer or even a data scientist, we are keen to learn from you. We even encourage you to present your projects as a team so that our audience get an in-depth understanding of your stories of success and failures.

Past Speakers

UX India in the past has boasted of the best speakers. Here’s a look at some of them.

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Interactions Of The Third Kind

This year we explore the intersections of AI+Design and their mutual influence. As we get deep into this it is our responsibility to envision and shape the resulting outcomes. During the two previous major technological shifts, we dealt with static product interactions and dynamic connected interactions. Now is the time to shape the interactions of a 3rd kind that comes with intelligence (artificial) and channel this shift in the right direction for the greater benefit of society.

We welcome designers, researchers, creative technologists, data scientists, artists, and activists to join us in co-curating the event, submitting talk proposals, and sharing their insights to make UXINDIA23 the most impactful UX Conference.

Let’s curate the event

We’ve been on this journey for 18 years and have seen the design landscape evolve over time. Your insights and suggestions have always helped us deliver a world-class event. Your thought leadership and contributions have been instrumental in making this event a grand success in the past. This year, we invite you to share your valuable ideas on how we can make the 2023 edition of the event better than last year. Your expertise and guidance will play a critical role in shaping the future of design and making AI an integral part of the design industry.