UMO Design-Led Startups

In association with MXR.World

“UMO Design-led Startups” is UMO Design’s strategic initiative, fostering and propelling design-centric innovation and entrepreneurship across India. This visionary program ignites the entrepreneurial zeal within the design community. UMO has been forging impactful alliances with academia, enterprises, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, government officials, and visionary investors/venture capitalists to ignite and steer innovation across multiple dimensions. In this dynamic ecosystem, the UMO Design community emerges as the vibrant hub for design-centric innovators, offering a platform to collaboratively nurture, amplify, and fund your visionary concepts and budding enterprises.

Why "UMO Design-Led Startups"?  

Connect with India’s largest design community to showcase, present, and secure funding for your emerging startups. Access invaluable guidance from industry leaders, leveraging their expertise to refine and scale your ventures. Forge connections with investors and venture capitalists, unlocking doors to potential partnerships and investments. Benefit from timely feedback from users and experts, ensuring your products/services are seamlessly guided by design excellence. 


UMO Partners with MXR

UMO.Design has partnered with MXR.world (‘mixers across the world’), a dynamic hybrid platform amplifying innovators’ reach. This collaboration combines physical events with online publishing of startup pitch decks and investor/expert insights. The result? Enhanced visibility across design, tech, business, and investor ecosystems, empowering our design-led entrepreneurs to shine globally. ( https://www.mxr.world/pitch-decks ). 

Eligibility & Selection

Eligibility and Criteria

Is your startup less than six years old, with products/services already making waves in the market?


Does design play a pivotal role in setting your venture apart?


Are you seeking investors, partners, and new customers?


If yes, you’re in the right place! 

Selection Process  

Our expert selection committee will curate five exceptional startups based on the following criteria
  • Problem statement
  • Innovativeness of the solution
  • Uniqueness of design
  • User-centricity and design process
  • Current and potential future impact of the solution
  • Customer testimonials and Potential for growth

The Process

Register your startup with UXIndia and provide essential details, including startup name, URL, founder profiles, succinct offering description, traction achieved, customer testimonials, and future growth plans.

Registrations close on 15 September 2023 
UMO Design Led Startups at UXINDIA2023 Chosen startups will receive two complimentary passes to the UXI23 conference, each valued at INR 25,850.
  • 5 startups will present concise 5-minute pitches at UXINDIA2023.
  • The session will feature a Design Led Startup panel anchored by MXR comprising five speakers, including investors, domain experts, and sponsors.
  • The pitch decks of the participating startups will be showcased online, amplifying their visibility and fostering connections with potential partners.

Reserve your spot

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to join UMO Design’s vibrant community of design-centric innovators. Together, let’s shape the future of entrepreneurship in India!