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Ziqq Rafit

30 Minute Case Study

All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Ziqq Rafit is a design strategist and tech enthusiast known for elevating design literacy with a focus on social change and responsible design. He founded ‘Design Says Hello,’ a movement and platform that facilitates discussions about design’s role in society through films and experiences. As a Design scholar with a background in (MA/MSc) Global Innovation Design, Ziqq’s work emphasizes the societal impact of innovative designs and technologies through the lens of design and tech ethics.


His passion for creating meaningful experiences has led to numerous successful projects and accolades within the industry. He now serves on advisory boards and mentors aspiring talents globally. On the down time, he makes music within the four walls of his bedroom

ABCs of Design & Tech Ethics

In the fast-paced era of AI and innovative technologies, production and creation have accelerated significantly. Through a few clicks, we can now produce new art, designs, films to anything and everything our heart desires.


However, excessive speed without consideration can lead to recklessness. To ensure responsible design, it becomes crucial to introduce friction into our designs and processes. The ABCs of design and tech ethics aim to connect the philosophical world of ethics with the practical realm of design by providing a framework and recommend new tools for modern designers.


If you’re seeking guidance in navigating complex ethical dilemmas during your design process or product development, this sharing may offer you a fresh perspective.

Key Takeaways

1. Industry insights on design and tech ethics.

2. Introduction to a design and tech ethics framework.

3. Special surprise product soft launch!


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