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30 Minute Keynote

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About The Speaker

Founder of ServiceNow’s Experience Organization and SVP of Platform Experience Products. Product leader for Visual Task Boards, ServiceNow Mobile, and ServiceNow Connect. Design leader for ServiceNow’s Design System and Workspace frameworks.


Led product vision and transformation of ServiceNow’s Platform UI, The Next Experience, used by over 70M professionals and 85% of Fortune 500 companies today.

Redesigning Enterprise Platforms at Scale

ServiceNow is dedicated to creating the world’s best enterprise platform. Used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies and with over 70M platform users, ServiceNow enables every business to digitize their workflows across the enterprise. But when the time comes to re-design a successful platform experience, how do you overcome the challenges of technical debt, dated design, and learned behaviors to create something that unlocks new possibilities and attracts new customers – all while keeping existing users happy and productive?


In this talk, I’ll cover the key moments on the journey of creating our new platform UI – The Next Experience. Crafting a compelling vision of the future and pitching it in ways that resonate and get results. Building the right team to take on a high stakes, highly complex project in a remote world. Making the right product and experience trade-offs to ensure success. And most importantly, leading with the unshakable belief that your customer always deserves the very best you can deliver.

Key Takeaways

1. For great outcomes, you need a crystal clear vision.

2. The road to success is filled with momentary setbacks and learnings.

3. A leader is a dealer in hope.


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