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30 Minute Keynote


All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Susan Hura, PhD is a passionate advocate for the primacy of linguistics in conversational experience design who serves as Chief Design Officer at Kore.ai. She has built multidisciplinary teams in industry and academia and holds a Doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin.


Susan founded and managed the Center for User Experience at Intervoice, and was a member of the human factors team at Lucent Technologies Bell Labs. As a faculty member at Purdue University, she co-founded a multidisciplinary team researching novel approaches to speech recognition.


For fifteen years, she owned SpeechUsability, a consulting firm that optimized conversational experiences for clients in the travel, financial services, automotive, retail, utilities, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. Susan was Program Chair of the SpeechTEK Conference (2007-2016) and founding President of the Association of Conversational Interaction Design (ACIxD.org).

Building Expertise into Generated Conversations

Conversational AI is a bleeding edge technology that is being propelled forward at an unprecedented pace by advances in generative AI and large language models. Applications like ChatGPT demonstrate the power of generative AI to produce credible, human-like dialogues. With generative AI, conversational bots can dynamically respond to user inquiries rather than delivering static replies that may not match the question being asked. To make the best use of this powerful new technology, these generated dialogues must meet the standards of dialogues designed by humans. Generated dialogues need to adhere to the brand’s voice and tone and make use of established conversation design patterns.

Key Takeaways

1. This session will explore how to build conversation design expertise into generated conversations.

2. Attendees will learn how their organization can benefit from the efficiencies of generative AI without losing conversational UX expertise.

3. This session will explain how to ensure that generated dialogues adhere to the brand's voice and tone and confirm to established design patterns.


Design Leaders

Mid-level Designers