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30 Minute Keynote

All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Sundar Balasubramanian is the Vice President and Segment Leader for QuickBooks Desktop ecosystem globally while also being responsible for product management and design for Small Business and Self-Employed Group (SBSEG) at Intuit India. He leads product management (PM) and design function in India to support Intuit’s core innovation and strategic priorities, in addition to Intuit-wide platform capabilities.


In his time at Intuit, Sundar has set up the QuickBooks Desktop PM organization for services (Payroll, Payments and Point Of Sale) and has since transformed product management, while also incubating the design community in Intuit India with his boundaryless leadership. A recipient of the Intuit India Annual Award, Sundar has been instrumental in expanding the organization’s product management and design function significantly over the past few years as the executive sponsor for the PM-Design and Innovation Catalyst Communities at the India site.


Sundar’s solid experience in product management, strategy and business development across India, the US and the UK has enabled him to take up diverse roles such as product leadership and general management across various domains: fintech, mobile marketing, telco, master data management, and supply chain management. He began his career at i2 (now Blue Yonder) in the US as a supply chain consultant and client manager for high value customers. Later, Sundar was appointed as the product manager for a master data management product in India. Prior to joining Intuit, he was vice president-product at Lumata (now Evolving Systems) where he managed the UK-based company’s portfolio in real-time, contextual marketing, mobile loyalty, and advertising.


He was also responsible for technology delivery at the company’s India operations. Previously, he was appointed product director at British Telecom in the UK for an e-learning business and portfolio manager as part of the group strategy function where he developed several recommendations on strategic investments for the Group CEO’s


Sundar holds an MBA from INSEAD, M.S. from U. Maryland at College Park and B.Tech from IIT Chennai.

From Awe to Utility: How AI is Changing the Game for Businesses and Consumers

The talk will explore the evolution of AI from a futuristic concept to a practical utility that is transforming the way businesses and consumers operate. It will cover the various ways in which AI is changing the game, including personalization, efficiency, innovation, cost savings, accessibility, and data-driven decision-making.

Key Takeaways

1. How has AI evolved to a practical utility tool from a futuristic concept

2. How AI-powered tools are used by businesses to automate repetitive tasks, optimize processes, and personalize customer experiences

3. How might small businesses embrace AI-powered


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