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18 Minute Ted-Like

Everything UX

About The Speaker

Shubham Agarwal, hailing from Bangalore, is a highly skilled service design expert with a background in architecture. Currently, he dedicates his expertise to DESIGNIT while also serving as a mentor at UMO & ADPList.


With a keen focus on people-oriented design, Shubham actively drives businesses to embrace collaboration across their front-end and back-end systems. His core mission involves crafting systematic tools and processes that facilitate unified and customer-centric approaches to design.

The Journey Beyond the Screen

As UX Designers, we often focus on designing interfaces and experiences that solve immediate problems for our users, but what if we could do more? Lets explore the far-reaching influence that our work can have on users beyond the digital product or screen.


The talk will emphasize the importance of how our design decisions can shape user behaviours, habits and environment. We will explore how UX Designers can approach their work with a broader perspective and create experiences that are not limited to just digital interfaces

Key Takeaways

1. The impact of UX design on user behaviors and habits.

2. The importance of considering the overall user experience beyond the screen.

3. Tools & methods to help designers build a deeper understanding of the impact their work could have.


Beginner Designers

Mid-level Designers