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18 Minute Ted-Like

All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

With over two decades of experience designing digital products & services for global and Indian clients across several industries, Ruchi has anchored and helped transform businesses and delivered business outcomes. In her current role as the Chief Design Officer, Ruchi leads the India Studio comprised of 180+ designers, and is highly passionate about designing inclusive and meaningful experiences that meet the needs of people, support the development of innovative business models, inspire a common design language, and nurtures a design culture across cross-functional teams.


She has led several design leadership positions and has always strived to push boundaries, deliver exponential impact, and aspire to design sustainable businesses.

Applying Design Thinking to AI

Design Thinking is a human-entered approach to problem-solving. When applied to AI, Design Thinking enables considering user experience, ethical considerations, and societal impact throughout the entire AI development process. In our talk, we will be covering a holistic framework for ensuring responsible AI and consideration of ethics and trust to mitigate risks during the design

Key Takeaways

1. Leading with empathy and user needs to define AI intent.

2. Ideation to generate AI-based solutions.

3. Prototyping, rapid iteration to refine AI systems


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