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18 Minute Ted-like

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About The Speaker

Meet Roli Agrawal, an experienced Design Strategist hailing from Bangalore. She excels in UX Research & Strategy, Design Thinking, Service Design, and Product Management. Roli draws inspiration from human beliefs and behaviors to craft innovative design solutions. Currently, she serves as the AVP Product Manager CX at SCRIPBOX.

Unraveling Complexity: How to Solve Vague Problems with Confidence

The talk will focus on how the design team at “Scripbox” a wealth management app was able to deconstruct vague or broad customer feedback like “UX/UI is bad” into actionable insights and specific solutions. Originally a mutual fund investment platform, the app evolved into comprehensive wealth management, resulting in increased complexity and user experience issues.


With a commitment to data-driven decision-making, the Scripbox team employed various methodologies like tree testing, card sorting, and prototype testing to gain a deep understanding of user behavior and preferences. Furthermore, they harnessed behavioral data from the app’s usage to validate design choices, ensuring a user-centric approach.


A key emphasis was placed on the iterative nature of the design process. Rather than relying solely on hypotheses, the team embraced multiple variations and continuously tested and refined their prototypes. This approach allowed them to streamline app navigation and product discovery.

Key Takeaways

1. How to break down a broad problem area into smaller activities for identifying key user pain points.

2. The value of data-driven decision-making in UX design.

3. How to take an iterative approach for continuous Improvement.


Beginner Designers

Mid-level Designers