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Rekha Ramanna is a senior product designer at Intuit, with over 12 years of product experience in the industry. Based in the bustling city of Bangalore, Rekha is a passionate and user-focused professional who thrives on connecting with people and solving their problems. Outside of her professional life, Rekha is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves exploring different cuisines. She enjoys trying out new restaurants and experimenting with various flavours and ingredients. Additionally, Rekha finds solace in the pages of a good book, as reading allows her to delve into different worlds and broaden her perspective.

Prompt Right: Strategies for Designing Effective AI Responses

So much has changed since we were struck by the deadly pandemic; the way we work, the way we live, the way we conduct ourselves, the way businesses operate and much more. We were left to fend for ourselves, and we invariably slipped into virtual spaces befriending machines and relying on them to communicate with our loved ones. With this machine overdose came an overarching desire to make real connections; see, feel and meet real people. We saw the best and worst of both worlds. We learnt to trust machines.


Enter Generative AI that brought an avalanche of impossibilities. As with any change, we resisted, we snubbed, we accepted, and we embraced. We now have a mind keeper, someone who can give us answers about literally anything and everything under the sky. We play the psychological mind maze game with it. However, as the old saying goes, ‘you reap what you sow’, our Gen AI assistant can only be as smart as we make it to be. This has seen the evolution of prompt engineers/designers into AI psychologists. It’s nothing short of a mind game we play with a machine. Generative AI engines mine information from already generated content. Only with the right questions and instructions come the right response. If we need laser sharp responses, we must treat Gen AI as our confidante, speak to it as we would speak to ourselves.


What is it that we are seeking? Who is it we’re seeking for? And what’s the context and setting? Sprinkle the personality of the voice and tone we’re seeking, the matter, and the essence we’re looking for. Learn how to do all this in an immersive workshop where we’d be touching upon the strategies for designing prompts for Generative AI applications. We’ll take you through the creative process, which includes goals, motives, context, audience, user journey and mapping the outcome of your prompts.

Key Takeaways

1. Learn key strategies of prompt design

2. Learn the importance of ethics in prompt design

3. Learn about the creative framework of prompt design


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