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About The Speaker

Poorva is a Lead Experience /Service Designer in ThoughtWorks currently working on a complex multi-vendor, multi team transformational project. Trained as an architect with an Industrial Design master’s from IDC (IIT Bombay).


With over 15 years of experience, she has worked on various facets of Design including architecture, physical & digital products, research, strategy, and services across multiple Industries domains (wealth management, manufacturing, e-commerce, consumer goods etc) & geographies.

Service design as a catalyst of change in transformation programs

In this engaging talk, I will be sharing how we used Service Design to ensure user-centricity and solve complex challenges while rebuilding a global sales operations platform from the ground up. I will talk about how Service Design can act as a catalyst for change in an environment where teams tend to build experiences in their individual silos, ignoring the connectedness of the entire experience. We will touch upon how Service Design was used to combine business and technical goals to ensure that we deliver on the promise of improving our users’ experience.


I will share strategies that succeeded and failed, and why, followed by a framework for applying Service Design in projects at any scale.

Key Takeaways

1. How Service design can be used effectively to de-risk a transformation program

2. A framework for people to try and apply in their projects

3. Learnings and reflections from working on such a complex project for nearly 2.0 years


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