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30 Minute Keynote

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About The Speaker

Laura Licari, Experience Sr Director at Publicis Sapient, brings an impressive repertoire of over 15 years in CX strategy, digital business transformation, and service design. With a 9-year background at frog design prior to joining Publicis Sapient in 2020, Laura has collaborated, among others, with esteemed global clients including Stellantis, Axa Groupe, Roche, Amplifon and Vodafone, delivering innovative and impactful solutions.


Fueled by a deep believe in the boundless possibilities of design, Laura enjoys exploring unconventional paths, infusing projects with infectious energy and driving business impact. As a passionate advocate for the future of experience, Laura inspires teams to embrace innovation and redefine what’s possible.

Experience-Led Growth: paving the way for designers to immediate and sustainable business impact.

In this session, Laura will explore the significant impact of experience-led sustainable growth, drawing inspiration from a wide range of firsthand case studies, including examples from the automotive, med tech, telecommunications, and luxury sectors. Discover why it’s crucial for organizations today to cultivate a new breed of Experience-driven hybrid experts, particularly to maximise the impact of AI on business.


With an increased emphasis on practicality, consultative approaches, applied change management and prototype-driven thinking, we’ll unveil how organizations can undergo more rapid and sustainable transformations, making an immediate impact in their respective industries m.


Through real-world examples, Laura will also illustrate how to get design and innovation professionals ready to help harnessing the potential of digital business transformation. She’ll demonstrate how an experience steering can drive immediate impact but also enhance profitability while nurturing enduring brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways

1. Gain immediate Impact with X-Led Growth: we learn how experience-led growth can swiftly impact businesses. By putting experience orchestration at the forefront, organizations can achieve rapid results.

2. Nurture new Experience-Driven Experts: Laura underscores the need for a new generation of experience-driven experts. These professionals are crucial for maximizing the impact of AI and facilitating organizational change..

3. Focus on Prototypes and Practicality: Laura's emphasis on prototype-driven thinking, practicality, and consultative approaches shows that real-world examples and applied change management can help organizations navigate digital transformation effectively, enhancing profitability and brand loyalty


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