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Singh Sethi

18 Minute Ted-Like

All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Jasmeet Singh Sethi is a seasoned design leader, currently holding the position of Head of Product Design at Snowmountain.ai. As a Meta-Designer, Jasmeet explores the deeper dimensions of design as a discipline. Operating at a strategic level, he empowers design teams to achieve success by crafting robust design systems, pioneering strategies, and cutting-edge frameworks.


With an extensive career spanning over a decade, he not only leads design teams but also serves as a design advisor, contributing significantly to the growth and innovation of the design community.

Rethinking User Centered Design for AI enabled experiences

The typical UCD process and its tools/frameworks have been around for a while. The talk will focus on how we adapt and rethink these in the context of designing for AI-enabled experiences which become the primary mode of engagement for users.

Key Takeaways

1. Understanding why designing for AI enabled systems is different.

2. Gaps in current processes.

3. Potential alternate frameworks and design thinking tools to be embedded into the processes.


Mid-Level Designers