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Gurmit Shakhon alongside his brother Amardeep co-founded Bros&Co to make design sustainable. At Bros&Co, Gurmit and Amardeep lead a team of creative and forward-thinking designers, united in their mission to address one of the most crucial challenges of our time: sustainability. With a relentless drive, the design studio focuses on creating environmentally friendly products, services, and business operations for their clients.


With a strong commitment to a carbon-neutral future, they are continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of sustainable design, inspiring the industry to follow suit.

Design for Good: Redefining Design for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Join Amardeep and Gurmit, industry leaders with two decades of design expertise, as they unveil a groundbreaking approach that reshapes design and revolutionises our ecological impact. Discover a new methodology empowering designers to think holistically and confront pressing challenges head-on.


Design must evolve! Our one-dimensional focus on business-user relationships is no longer sufficient. The next decade demands designers rise to the net-zero challenge, shifting priorities for the betterment of humankind, the planet, and our collective responsibilities. In their talk, The Brothers trace design’s history toward an unsustainable path and introduce the Carbon Method—a groundbreaking carbon measurement methodology. Embedding sustainability from the start, they aim to foster continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.


Witness the transformation of design and be part of the generation driving lasting change. Act now to build a thriving world for generations to come. Join us as we reshape design’s future and revolutionise our ecological impact. Together, we can create a better world.


“There are professions more harmful than design, but only a very few of them – Quoted by: Don Norman, expanded upon from Victor Papanek”

Key Takeaways

1. As designers, we have the ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere

2. As designers, we have made a complete industry rotation once, we can do it again

3. The first step is by asking the right questions.


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