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9 Minute Lightning

All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Hi! I’m Diptarup, an enthusiastic and driven product designer with a passion for creating immersive and engaging user experience. With a flair for the quirky and a passion for all things personalised. I’ve been one of the designers driving the growth hacking culture at Flipkart.


My journey as a designer began with a spark of curiosity, leading me to hone my skills in UX design before embarking on this thrilling adventure at Flipkart. With each project, I pour my heart into understanding the intricacies of user behaviour, ensuring that every click and swipe feels intuitive and seamless. Having spent around 3 years in the e-commerce wonderland, I have begun to discover the secret paths to customer delight, turning ordinary users into loyal customers.


From designing navigation that could lead a cat through a maze to crafting experiences using generative AI, I have been fortunate enough to experience them all. Beyond the confines of design, I remain deeply passionate about understanding customer behaviour, anticipating trends, and keeping the fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing technology landscape.

Large Scale Visualisation of Products using Gen AI

Large scale access to product visualisation for New Homebuyers/Shifters/Remodelers in their space using generative ai for low friction and seamless visualisation of products.

Key Takeaways

1. Generative AI Landscape (Text & Code, Image & Video, Audio), it's maturity and how it is evolving.

2. Design breakdown for the feature that Flipkart is building and how in-painting capabilities of image based gen AI is being used.

3. Tech considerations that go into making informed designed decisions while using generative AI.


Beginner Designers

Mid-level Designers