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9 Minute Lightning

All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Dhanashree’s career in IT has spanned 26 years across multiple product and services companies and across multiple geos. She has been working in the field of UX for close to 13 years now.


Today, at IBM, she leads the UX team for the Engineering Lifecycle Management products in IBM. In the past, she has worked to incorporate Watson AI capabilities within many of the IBM applications and has uncovered some interesting insights during her customer research.


Dhanashree is an avid Design Thinker and a certified facilitator. She runs creative thinking and ideation workshops for students and professionals. She is currently based in Gdańsk, a lovely beach town in northern Poland.

How users perceive AI

AI is catching up fast and not just in highly technical and complex domains. Companies big and small, irrespective of the domain or complexity, are very excited at the prospect of enhancing product capabilities by leveraging AI in order to make decisions, to make recommendations and predictions, to surface patterns and insights in order to ‘help’ their users and make things easy for them.


However, this enthusiasm of AI everywhere has been very overwhelming for the end users. This talk aims to highlight some of the concerns and feedback that our end users have shared with us when my product team embarked on one such journey. I hope that keeping these concerns and feedback in mind will help us better empathize with our end users and create less overwhelming AI capabilities that the users can identify with, understand and easily leverage.

Key Takeaways

1. How end users perceive AI

2. What their major concerns are with respect to AI

3. How can we overcome these concers


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