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About The Speaker

Chetan is a seasoned design professional whose creative ethos revolves around functionality, simplicity, and innovation. His professional journey, spanning over 13 years, has been a testament to his dedication and expertise.


With a diverse background straddling branding, print, spatial, and digital design, Chetan believes in translating complex ideas into user-friendly designs. As an experience design lead at Publicis Sapient, Chetan has collaborated with global clients from the travel & hospitality, telecom, and energy industries, working harmoniously with design, engineering and product teams.


When he is not working, he is engaged in multiple activities that reveal his multi-faceted interests. An amateur interior designer, culinary enthusiast, and an ardent film and web series buff, he finds inspiration and balance in various aspects of life. Recently, he has also ventured into writing, showcasing his versatility and passion for creative expression. He is also a dedicated mentor, sharing his insights and nurturing emerging talents in the field of design. His leadership style is rooted in his genuine people-centric approach, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Nurturing Empathy, Ethics and Trust in UX

Designing for empathy and trust in AI involves the intentional creation of systems that perform tasks effectively and create AI experiences that understand people’s emotions, weaving compassion into interactions. This approach ensures that AI technologies resonate with users on a deeper level, establishing a sense of connection and reliability.​

Key Takeaways

1. Creating empathetic AI experiences that deeply resonate with users' emotions and needs, forging a meaningful connection that goes beyond functionality.​

2. Incorporating ethical considerations from the start – addressing inherent and societal biases to ensure AI interactions align with responsible and trustworthy AI design principles.​ ​

3. Establishing guidelines that seamlessly integrate empathy, ethics and trust.


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