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18 Minute Ted-like

Everything UX

About The Speaker

Hailing from Bangalore, India, Chaitali Pai is a talented Senior Product Designer currently making significant contributions at MathWorks. With a diverse background encompassing animation, visual communication design, product development, and project management, she possesses a unique and holistic perspective on design challenges.


Chaitali’s approach to problem-solving is characterized by her ability to harmonize functionality and aesthetic considerations seamlessly. Her work embodies the convergence of craftsmanship, profound insights, research methodologies, strategic acumen, and a spirit of experimentation.

Discoverability Demystified: First encounter to your product

This talk will introduce the importance of discoverability, how to get started with discoverability practices, and share MathWorks’ journey of addressing pain points in the process to make products recognizable, reliable, and functional.

Key Takeaways

1. Why discoverability is important.

2. How to get started with Discoverability Practices.

3. Benefits of increasing the discoverability quotient, and tips for fellow UX practitioners.


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