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About The Speaker

I am a design leader, strategist, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience creating and delivering impactful digital products and services for leading companies and organizations. Currently, I am the MD, Head of Design, Card Services and Digital Products & Channels at JPMorgan Chase & Co., where I lead design teams focused on creating consistent and seamless customer experiences across multiple products and lines of business.


My core competencies include user experience design, financial services, entrepreneurship, team building, and culture shaping. I have a proven track record of leading and mentoring diverse and talented design teams, driving sustained growth and innovation, and achieving positive and measurable outcomes for employees, customers, shareholders, and society. My mission is to use design as a strategic tool to solve complex problems, create value, and improve lives.

Personalized Customer Experiences and Better Design Decisions

Creating delightful, powerful and personalized experiences informed by a cohesive product and design strategy.

Key Takeaways

1. Design leadership,

2. customer personalisation,

3. Delight and design at Chase


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