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About The Speaker

Bijith Ahmed, an acclaimed design professional originates from the Calicut. With a remarkable career spanning more than two decades, he stands as a co-founder of the illustrious company, Aufait UX. Throughout his journey, Bijith has been a guiding force for his teams who have worked on exception product design projects and development endeavors during his tenure at Honeywell.


His dedication to the craft is strengthened by his boundless creativity, unwavering attention to detail, and a unique collaborative approach that has set Aufait UX as a force in the domain of UX UI design. With each project he undertakes, Bijith Ahmed brings forth a perfect amalgamation of artistic ingenuity, technological prowess, and astute business acumen, making him an invaluable asset in the world of design.

Demystifying Design Debt: Lessons From The Trenches

Design debt is an often-underestimated factor that impacts user experiences and increases the cost of maintenance of products. In this talk we explore real-life examples and shed light on how design debt arises, grows, and its consequences. The talk also shares tips on managing design debt through proactive design principles, regular reviews, and a user-centered approach.


Three key areas will be covered in the session:


Identifying Design Debt: Exploring how to uncover Design Debt in your projects and looking at some of the common signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of Design Debt. Practical tips on how to identify them early on will be conveyed.


Tracking Design Debt to Closure: Learning effective strategies for tracking and managing Design Debt issues throughout the design process.


Preventing Design Debt: Looking at proactive approaches to prevent Design Debt from occurring in the first place. Sharing best practices and actionable insights to help you establish a Design Debt prevention mindset, ensuring a smoother and more user-centric design process.


The talk aims to equip you with strategies and tips to better navigate and mitigate Design Debt challenges.

Key Takeaways

1. How to spot design debt.

2. How to track and chase the debt to closure.

3. How to prevent design debt.


Product Owners

Mid-Level Designers