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About The Speaker

Bapusaheb Patil, popularly known as Baps, is a highly accomplished and award-winning designer based in Bangalore. With over 6 years of experience, he has honed his skills in product design, branding, and art. Bapusaheb is the visionary Founder & Head of Design at Primobots. His passion for design extends beyond his professional work, as he has authored a well-received design book available on Amazon and created a Figma video course for a Google for Education partner. Beyond his design prowess, Bapusaheb is deeply enthusiastic about web3 technology and is recognized as a personal branding guru. Prior to his design journey, he gained extensive work experience as a software engineer, contributing his talents to various esteemed firms worldwide.

Building a AR/VR Web3 Brand that Educates & Entertains

In this talk, we will dive into the journey of Primobots, a web3 AR/VR startup that has successfully built a brand focused on immersive storytelling and community-centric experiences. We will explore how Primobots overcame the challenges of the crowded web3 space and created a unique offering that not only entertains but also educates web3 audiences. From leveraging art and storytelling to developing AR/VR utilities and fostering a strong community, we will uncover the strategies and insights that contributed to the success of Primobots.

Key Takeaways

1. The power of art and storytelling in the web3 space: Learn how Primobots differentiated itself by creating captivating art and a compelling story that resonated with web3 audiences, making it an investable opportunity.

2. Unleashing the potential of AR/VR utilities: Discover how Primobots utilized augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance the utility, providing users with immersive and interactive experiences that set them apart from other projects.

3. Community-centric approach to web3 education: Understand the importance of building a strong community and offering educational resources to onboard new users into the web3 space, while also empowering existing users with the knowledge and tools to navigate complexities.


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