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About The Speaker

Avinash Bussa is a talented and young Senior Experience Designer hailing from Hyderabad. With a strong passion for design and an innate creative flair, he possesses a user-centric approach to his work. Avinash is well-versed in various design methodologies, including user interviews, usability testing, and heuristic evaluation.


Additionally, he has a keen eye for color psychology and employs empathy maps, storyboarding, wireframes, and mockups to shape his designs. Adept in Information Architecture (IA) and experienced in crafting engaging mobile apps and responsive web designs, Avinash’s problem-solving capability is highly commendable. Currently contributing his expertise at QuillBot, Avinash continues to create impactful user experiences.

Enchanting Keys; 
Unleashing the power of AI in Mobile Keyboards

Whether we’re sending a quick text message, composing an email, or engaging in social media conversations, the keyboard is our gateway to effective communication. But imagine if this keyboard could go beyond its basic functions and become smarter, more intuitive, and more personalised to our individual needs. That’s where AI comes in, let’s talk more about unleashing the power of keyboards with AI at UXIndia.

Key Takeaways

1. How can we leverage AI and improve the current typing experience on mobile?

2. How can we enable global communication for people with English as Second Language (ESL) on mobile?

3. How can we make a keyboard that facilitate error free, and precision writing?


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