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All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Anushka Srivastava, based in Bangalore, is an Advanced User Experience Designer at Honeywell Technology Solutions. With expertise in Enterprise and Service solutions, she crafts efficient and user-centric interfaces by blending business strategies with technology for delightful user experiences.

At the crossroads of enriching experiences with AI and Sustainability

Honeywell City Suite empowers the city with AI enabled city-scale digital platform. This platform brings together data from multiple city systems into a unified solution which helps manage a city’s needs- like safety, mobility solutions, utilities and services, citizen engagement and E-governance.

Key Takeaways

1. Design for Scale - the platform brings the entire city into one screen- covering varied use cases specific to a city like- Emergency Call Box- an SOS service across the city, monitoring of traffic signal, city waste management- enabling the city operators with better information and citizens to lead a better quality of life.

2. Design for Complexity - the interaction model allows the city operator to view alerts from different sensors with a synchronous map and video view. Enabling easy verification and better awareness of a situation in-order to take appropriate action. Apart from the existing use cases, there are new use cases emerging from the tourists of the city who have adapted the solution as per their needs.

3. Designing for Technology - With AI and Sensors in combination - the solution connects over thousands of IoT sensors and cameras which come together for the city operator enabling them to make a positive impact and indirectly touching millions lives.


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