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All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

Anushka Bhargava is a UX designer at SAP Labs Bangalore, India. Her work is driven by strong passion of user-centric and research-driven design. Human behaviour & psychology are subjects of great fascination for her, and she cares about inclusive design. An AI tech enthusiast, Anushka actively explores the potential of AI integration to empower solutions and enhance user experience.


Beyond her design pursuits, Anushka enjoys writing, photography, yoga, and dancing. If you were to describe her in 2 words, it would be ‘caffeine-fuelled curiosity’

Revolutionising Usability Testing: How AI will transform the way we evaluate user experience

Usability testing is essential for UX designers to understand user’s needs, pain points, and create resonating experiences. In this talk, we will address the challenges in current usability testing platforms and how AI can offer solutions to them. We will cover how AI’s adaptation will help in automating tasks, tapping into wider user database and change the way insights are derived from the test and many more.


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