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All Things AI & UX

About The Speaker

With over a decade of experience in diverse fields including design, product & service delivery; across varied domains like banking, retail, logistics and oil & gas in international markets; Akshay brings a unique, amalgamated insight into creating successful experiences. 


Akshay is a digital strategist, passionate about design, user experience, psychology, ergonomics, and the orchestration of data & systems to create delightful experiences for customers.

Anticipating customer needs

In the age of AI, creating hyper personalised experiences across the banking ecosystem to serve a diverse set of customers has its own nuances, challenges, opportunities and risks. 


This session aims to explore these dimensions from a bankers’ as well as a designers’ point of view; with an added focus on a specific set of customer demographics, and their priorities.


We will unpack (industry level) macro & (individual level) micro challenges and opportunities applying cultural, commercial, regulatory and systems lenses to frame the opportunity and explore ideas.

Key Takeaways

1. Insights into the industry

2. Interventional and systems thinking to create a product-service experience

3. Introducing JPMCs design process


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